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2020 Fiat 500X
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2020 Fiat 500X Pricing and Specs


The Fiat 500X 2020 prices range from $16,000 for the basic trim level SUV 500X Pop to $30,470 for the top of the range SUV 500X Amlfi Edition.

The Fiat 500X 2020 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the SUV 1.4L 6 SP Manual to the SUV 1.4L 6 SP Auto Dual Clutch.

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Fiat 500X Models SPECS PRICE
Amlfi Edition 1.4LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed dual-clutch automatic $22,400 – 30,470
Pop 1.4LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed dual-clutch automatic $18,600 – 25,850
Pop 1.4LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $16,000 – 22,220
Pop Star 1.4LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed dual-clutch automatic $19,200 – 26,730

Fiat 500X 2020 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Fiat here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What type of fuel is best to use in my Fiat Freemont 2013?

    I’m going to assume your vehicle has a petrol engine, as this type of question is usually one regarding the need, or otherwise, for high-octane (Premium) unleaded petrol. (Diesel tends to be diesel and that’s that). On that basis, your Fiat will be fine to run on standard ULP, and you don’t need to go to the expense of filling up with the more expensive PULP brew as you won’t achieve anything in the process apart from emptying your wallet faster.

    You won’t harm the engine by using PULP, but there’s nothing to be gained. The other common question on this subject revolves around the use of ethanol-blended fuels (say, E10, which consists of 90 per cent ULP and 10 per cent ethanol). The short answer is that, no, a 2013 Freemont can not use ethanol-blended fuel without risking damage to the vehicle’s fuel system. The alcohol in E10 can attack the plastic and rubber parts of a car’s fuel system, leading to expensive damage down the track. If a car has been designed with materials to cope with that, then it’s fine on E10, but the Fiat does not fall into that category.

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  • Should I buy a 2013 Fiat Freemont?

    What you really need to know about the Fiat Freemont is that it’s essentially a Dodge Journey with a Fiat badge (and all that implies). The Dodge Journey itself is not very well regarded within the trade and there’s no reason to suggest the addition of a Fiat badge to it will change any of that.

    The major areas of concern are in the electrical and build quality departments, where both the Dodge and Fiat have their problems. Be especially careful to make sure that all the electrical gear works properly, including the stuff at the rear of the car such as the reversing camera, rear wiper and central locking. Poor design and assembly meant that the wiring at the rear of this car is suspect and prone to failure with a new wiring loom sometimes required to fix it. The Freemont was also recalled for a variety of major problems including a bearing-failure problem in the engine, engine bay fires, faulty cruise control and even a driver’s air-bag that could deploy without warning.

    Most workshops should be able to service the car, and any that doesn’t want to, clearly doesn’t want your money. The Freemont’s long-term running-cost forecast will have far more to do with what work needs to be carried out than anything to do with its fuel consumption. Frankly, there are better choices out there.

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  • Was the 1972 Fiat coupe SL available in Australia with right-hand-drive?

    The Fiat coupes of the 1970s that most people remember are the sleek little 124 in its various forms. But although it’s largely overlooked today, the Fiat 128 was available in 1972 as a coupe and in SL specification. That got you a somewhat boxy little two-door with a 1.3-litre engine making 56kW, and a four-speed manual transmission. These cars were sold officially in Australia and, yes, they were right-hand-drive.

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