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Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2016 review

Nissan was way ahead of the SUV wave when it introduced the X-Trail in 2001. By the time the multitude of new SUVs swept ashore years later the X-Trail was already an established part of the automotive landscape.

Now in its third generation the X-Trail is Nissan's best seller. Drive down any average suburban street and you'll see they're as common place as wheelie bins. And for good reason, too – you can read our full review of the seven-seater version of the petrol, two-wheel drive X-Trail in ST-L spec here, but in the meantime here are the top three features we like about it.

#1 Clear forward visibility

Hold your hands up in a "the-fish-was-this-big" way in front of your face. See how they blinker your vision? Now keep them the same distance apart and move them right up towards your face – you can see better now, right? This is what Nissan has down with the A-pillars either side of the windscreen in the in the X-Trail – moved them closer so they don't obstruct the drivers vision. It's so simple but it makes a huge difference to better forward visibility.

#2 Big back doors

The X-Trail has wide opening, big rear doors making life better on the backs for parents trying to persuade kids to go in and out of car seats. The ride height means there's hardly any need to bend while strapping them in, too.

Even with the raised ride height the openings are so tall that entry and exit is easier for older people or those with body parts that have seen better days.

#3 Good looks

The boxy second-generation X-Trail had its legions of fans, but you can only look like a fridge for so long and not be an actual fridge. The new generation SUV is sleek and curvaceous all without compromising the practicality for which the previous gen was known.


The X-Trail in ST-L spec isn't perfect. The biggest drawback is that this grade misses out on some great safety technology that's only standard on the top of the range X-Trail TL.

At a glance

Price from: $37,590
Warranty: 3yr/100,1000km
Service interval: 6 months/10,000km
Safety: 5 stars
Engines: 2.5-litre, 4-cyl, 126kW/226Nm
Transmission: CVT automatic, FWD
Thirst: 8.1L/100km
Dimensions: 4640mm (L), 1820mm (W), 1710m (H)
Spare: Space-saver

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