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Typhoon gets R-spec tag

It may be treading water at the moment when it comes to new models, but Ford Performance Vehicles still has some tricks up its sleeve.

To keep buyer interest bubbling along it has released a limited-edition F6 R-spec Typhoon.

The R-spec is one of three limited-edition cars planned in the run up to the new Orion-based hot FPV Falcons, which will reach showrooms in about nine months.

The others are expected to be the Cobra Falcon and ute and an FPV Territory in October.

Only 300 R-spec Typhoons will be built, with a beefier suspension and handling package.

The engine specifications remain the same; a turbocharged 4.0-litre, six-cylinder developing 270kW at 5000 revs and 550Nm from 2000 revs.

The F6 R-Spec is the first of Ford Performance Vehicles' six-cylinder models to get this package.

The car is identified with distinctive badging and dark argent gunmetal accents on the wheels and rear spoiler.

It will come with its own build certificate of authenticity.

FPV general manager Rod Barrett says the Typhoon R-spec came about because of the positive response to the 40th-anniversary GT limited edition, the first FPV to feature the R-Spec handling package.

All 200; 40th-anniversary GTs were snapped up by enthusiasts.

“The initial idea behind R-Spec was to provide an FPV vehicle for those people who wanted to be more competitive at track days and club sprint events, but who didn't want to compromise on the comfort of daily driving,” Barrett says.

FPV has customised the R-Spec package to maximise the Typhoon's handling characteristics, allowing drivers to extract the best possible performance out of their vehicles. The most significant change has been to the front-end damper tune without compromising ride comfort.

The cabin includes FPV's leather seats as standard, and FPV floor mats with the F6 R-spec logo inlay match the exterior touches. An iPod/MP3 audio player connection is also fitted as standard and integrates with the stereo.

The F6 R-Spec is available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic.

Prices start from $63,310, which is $1500 more than for the standard F6 Typhoon.