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Tesla specs may confuse

What'll she do? The 'carbon community' will be lost looking at the Tesla's specs.

It's a simple matter of factoring in the number of cylinders, engine size, induction system, rev range and overall vehicle weight. But the carbon community will be lost looking at the Tesla's specs.

What do we know about four-pole electrics and 6,831 lithium ion cells? Is that a whole bunch or not much at all? Best skip to the bottom lines: 215kW of power and 380Nm of torque. In a vehicle weighing 1238kg, that means serious speed.

Independent tests and subjective experience both verify Tesla's claim of a 0-100kmh sprint in 3.7 seconds. Reasonably enough, considering that such matters are increasingly academic in a more controlled and regulated driving environment, top speed is limited to 212kmh. Not that fast compared to a Ferrari, but fast enough to have your Tesla hauled away by anti-hoon authorities.

Range is the biggest issue with electrics. Tesla claims upwards of 350km depending on driving style, which is plenty enough prior to an overnight recharge (via a common wall plug). Otherwise, company officials advise that you top up on power whenever you get the chance, as you would with a mobile phone or lap top.