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Suzuki Alto tyre problem fixed

Suzuki Australia and tyre supplier Goodyear were quick to repond after reports from concerned owners over problems sourcing replacement rubber for the Alto's 14-inch rims.  A shipment of 155/65R14 tyres arrived on April 28 and another 120 tyres are due this week.

Suzuki Australia spokesman, Andrew Ellis, admitted there was a shortfall of spare tyres in the country.  "The issue is that we are changing over to a new tyre, an eco version, and the shortfall has happened in the changeover," Ellis says.

If any owners still have problems with replacements Suzuki will supply a wheel and tyre from one of its own vehicles.  The new low rolling resistence "eco" tyre, similar to the one fitted to the Ford Fiesta EcoNetic, delivers marginally better fuel economy.

Ellis says with the new tyres fitted, the 50kW three-cylinder Alto's combined fuel economy drops .1 of a litre to 4.7 litres/100km.  Apart from the Swift, the Alto is one of the company's success stories.  Demand has exceeded supply but the company expects more shipments soon.

Despite the Alto's success, the five-year old Swift is still the company's most consistent seller.  A new, larger Swift is in the pipeline for launch next year.

It is expected to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September.  In Europe a range of petrol and diesel engines are planned, from a 1.3-, 1.5- and 1.6-litre petrol fours to a Fiat-sourced 1.3 common-rail diesel.