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Renault is working on fast SUVs

Renault could give Kadjar, Koleos, and new-generation Kaptur RS versions, but the reasoning might surprise you.

Don't expect Renault's incoming slew of SUVs to be immune from the go-fast Renault Sport treatment, with representatives telling CarsGuide that it's absolutely on the table for the brand's future.

Speaking at the launch of the small-to-mid-size Kadjar SUV's launch in Victoria, Renault Australia's product planning manager, Charly Clercin, had a few things to say on the possibility of a Renault Sport branded SUV.

"It's something we are very excited for, we're talking with head office on this, as the market moves more towards SUVs," he said.

When quizzed on whether this was more than just a dream of Renault's Australian division (which is, incidentally one of the largest markets in the world for RS variants), Mr Clercin confirmed that the French head office was already on the case.

"They are looking into it, they recognize where the market is going," he said, although he wouldn't speculate on which of the brand's SUV line-up could receive the treatment first.

It's perhaps natural to look to the incoming new-generation Captur, which shares its CMF-B platform with Nissan's incoming second-generation Juke.

The larger Nissan X-Trail-based Koleos isn't off the cards either, but you could have the increasingly strict European emissions restrictions to thank if RS SUVs become a reality.

"Europe is doing nothing to support sports cars... even that market is turning toward SUVs," Mr Clercin said.

The second-generation Captur is due on our shores in the second half of 2020. The second-generation Captur is due on our shores in the second half of 2020.

However, if Renault were to build an RS SUV, the vehicle would be properly overhauled to earn the hallowed badge, according to Mr Clercin.

"You can't just put R.S. badges on an SUV with a bigger engine," he said. "Renault Sport customers have an expectation when it comes to handling."

Currently, the only two Renault Sport cars on the market are the Clio and Megane, the latter of which will receive its most extreme Trophy-R variant later this year. Despite costing $74,990 before on-road costs, all 12 cars allocated for Australia have sold out.

The second-generation Captur is due on our shores in the second half of 2020, so perhaps more information on a Renault Sport version will come to light before then.