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Land Rover plans 'Landy' baby SUV

2011 Land Rover DC100 Concept.

Land Rover's medium-sized Evoque -- currently the smallest SUV in their family -- has been a smash hit for the brand around the world. But with tightening emissions standards in many markets, they're likely to add an even smaller vehicle to the range.

We may be getting a hint of that with their trademarking the name Landy, which is a common nickname for their vehicles, but in this case is tipped to be applied to a future baby SUV, according to Autocar, who added that a previous business case to build something with styling from the DC100 concept may have been revived.

The baby crossover would likely use the Evoque's front-wheel drive, on-demand 4WD and constant 4WD systems -- if it has any all-paw aspect at all -- and would be pitched to do battle with what has become a growing, and lucrative segment. That would see it face off against the coming Jeep Jeepster and Audi Q1, the BMW X1 and the Mini Countryman.

The line-up would be expected to echo the Evoque's 110kW.380Nm 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel with a six-speed manual and nine-speed auto, and 177kW/340Nm 2.0litre turbocharged petrol four with the auto.

The trademark will cover everything from vehicles to accessories, models, clothing and signage, which could however also suggest they are simply trying to protect what has become the popular name with fans over the years, to prevent anybody else using it for marketing.

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