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Get in the driver's seat with Ken Block | video

Who wouldn't want to be Ken Block... armed with insane driving skills and tearing around rallysport courses in a bespoke-built car, then setting up ultimate stunt playgrounds for the series of Gymkhana videos.

We're not him, but now we can at least get a taste of the action from his point of view, with a Go-Pro edition of his latest Gymkhana 6. His car was seemingly bristling with the benchmark sports cameras, which give us not only a Block's-eye view but also captures his footwork and some close bonnet and fender footage as he approaches obstacles.

Watch the Gymkhana 6 Go-Pro edition

If anything, it's even better than the official Gymkhana 6. So get in, buckle up and prepare to indulge your smokiest Walter Mitty driving daydreams.

Watch the original Gymkhana 6 video

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