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Chinese electric bike debuts with fingerprint scan tech and two HD cameras

A lot of motorcyclists stick a GoPro to their helmet to capture their road trip memories - but those days could soon be over.

That’s because Chinese motorbike brand Hadin has unveiled the new Panther cruiser motorcycle with a pair of HD cameras fitted to the bike itself.

According to the brand, the “fully electric high-tech” Hadin Panther has two high definition video recorders to film your two-wheeled adventures, with the videos saved to an SD card. The videos can then be viewed and shared on brand’s smartphone app, but the technology clearly works for those scarier memorable moments, as it's essentially a pair of dash cams.

That’s not the only technological breakthrough for this motorbike - it’s also keyless, using fingerprint scan technology to be locked and unlocked. The scanner is mounted on top of the "fuel tank", where you charge the batteries.

The Hadin Panther is powered by a Panasonic ternary lithium battery pack, with an electric motor producing 45kW. According to the company, it can travel up to 220 kilometres in Eco mode (top speed 70km/h), while Normal mode can span 180km and a top speed of 100km/h, and Sport mode allows a top speed of 129km/h with a range of 160km.

Charging takes 30 minutes to 80 per cent from a fast charger, or two hours to 100 per cent. From a home plug, the charge time is 6-8 hours.