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Carsguide 118 Diecast Model Review - GMP Ferrari P4

At the very upper end of the 1:18 scale diecast market there has been something of a war happening between the big two model makers - CMC of Germany and Exoto of America. First they both released versions of the Ferrari 500 F2, and both have followed up recently with their own versions of the Ferrari 156. Each manufacturer claims their version to be the most accurate and the most detailed. Parts count in the models exceeds 1400 and virtually none are plastic..

Now however it looks like we are seeing a third player enter the market place; GMP, also of America. GMP have been building models for some years, however their focus previously was on models aimed towards their domestic market. With the P4 they have paid the not insignificant licencing fee to Mattel for the rights to build and sell a Ferrari model. Mattel are the global partner with Ferrari for their model line.

GMP  has chosen well with the P4 for their first foray into the Ferrari arena. The P4 is considered by most entusiasts to be the most beautiful, desireable and valuable Ferrari. With one coming up for auction next week at RM Auctions - Ferrari Passione e Leggenda (make that a hyperlink on the name itself) we should see confirmation of that view.

The model is very accurate and extremely detailed, (see gallery above for images of the Ferrari P4 model and real car). From the complete engine bay detail including the four perfectly formed ignition coils to the plumbing and wiring which look in proportion. This is the sort of detail that the cheaper manufacturers such as Mattel Elite never quite get right and spoils the illusion.

Overall proportions and shape appear spot on and the level of detail in the cockpit and suspension is second to known, not even CMC or Exoto. I have only one very slight criticism and that is the front body section is a little tricky to fit out of the box. But that is very minor as the model is solid and well made and even though the fitting is fiddly it doesn't feel like you are going to break anything.

If you are interested in getting into 1:18 scale models we recommend ModelCars Too in Sydney or Automodels online store.

GMP are set to follow the P4 with a 312P - let this war continue.