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Aussies not really star trekkies

Off road: hitting the highway not so common.

The grey nomad trek into the Outback is just one of the dream drives for people who spend most of their days stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a suburb-to-city commute.

And there are all those “gunnas” with four-wheel drives who are going to hit the bush — one day.

But new figures from the Federal Government show we are not the trekkies we believe.

Even though new-car warranties are typically set at three years and 100,000km on the average distance covered by Australian buyers — and Mitsubishi went out to five years/130,000km as bait for the doomed 380 — the actual distance we drive is much lower.

How much lower? About half, according to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government in Canberra.

It has just released figures on fuel economy and emissions for the Green Vehicle Guide, computing the average impact of a car on the environment.

It is bad news for the planet, but the numbers are surprising as a reflection of average travel.

The figure for light vehicles — the class that covers the Hyundai Getz and Toyota Yaris — is only 15,200km a year.