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Aston Martin Cygnet first photos

The Cygnet small car — an unabashed makeover of the Toyota IQ — today was shown in its production-ready guise.  Though it shares two doors with (most) other Astons, it won't share their price tag.

However, it is believed the Cygnet won't come cheap, flying in at about $60,000 — that is, four times the price of an IQ — thanks to the same quality level of fittings and features. It has, for example, similar audio systems and the cabin is hand-trimmed in leather.

Aston says the car may be available in Australia but sees it more as a complement car for city-borne owners of its larger machinery.  But though it will appease luxury car buyers with its stubby dimensions and environmental badges, Aston is particularly using the Cygnet as a means of reducing the marque's corporate CO2 footprint.

Its 1.3-litre automatic (a manual is available) gets about 4.8 litres/100km and goes 670km before topping up.  The Cygnet is expected to go public at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year and could start production later in 2010.