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What is the best tow vehicle to buy?

I currently drive a 2010 Volvo XC70 and hubby drives a 1989 Ford XF ute that has been rebuilt and is in fantastic condition. With one daughter heavily involved in equestrian sports we currently tow the horse float with a borrowed 2003 Falcon station wagon that my father owns. I can't tow behind the XF ute as it does not have power steering and is just too heavy. The Volvo is an amazing car but very expensive to service so we are thinking of selling it. We need a reliable tow vehicle that has a around a 2.5 tonne tow capacity and five seats. A friend has suggested we look at a GQ Nissan Patrol and said his towed like a dream. What do you think, what else should we consider? If we sell the Volvo budget will be max $10,000.


The GQ Patrol was a tough old bird, but it’s old and buying one now is a gamble. You could consider a Toyota Landcruiser, but again your budget will limit you to an older vehicle and that is always a risk. You could perhaps consider fitting power steering to the XF ute.