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VW Touareg Dunlop tyre problems

In April this year I purchased a current model VW Touareg V8 TDI R Line 4.2-litre with Dunlop 275/40x21 tyres. In July, at 4354 km, I noticed both front tyres were wearing excessively on the outer edges. A local tyre retailer checked the alignment told me it was within specification, but said that the front tyres were wearing excessively and that there must be something wrong with vehicle and to take it back to a dealership. The dealer checked the alignment and confirmed that it was within specs and that I should try that. A short time later I noticed it had a slight pull to the left. I took it back in August for the alignment to be checked and rectified. I was informed that three alignments were done with VW's involvement. I was asked to try that and the settings were all within spec. In November I took it back to the same dealer for the same problem, only this time both front tyres had worn excessively on the outer edges and were close to unroadworthy condition. Both the rear tyres are wearing excessively on the outer edges as well after 8631 km. I was informed again all setting are within specs and there was nothing else the dealer could do to help me. He suggested I contact the VW customer service and was given the number. I did, and received a call from them to discuss the problem. The explanation I wad given was that "it is a heavy car with big rims and low profile tyres and the settings were as per specs, so there is nothing VW could do". After paying in excess of $120,000 I cannot accept that I have to replace a set of tyres before its first service. I am a 64-year-old gentleman who takes pride in his vehicle and it is only driven on suburban roads and freeways. I hope you can help me with a suggestion or lead me in the right direction.

The guy from VW is correct, it is a big, heavy and powerful vehicle set up to handle like a sports car with big wheels and low-profile tyres, and aggressive wheel alignment. I have no doubt that the alignment has been checked and found to be within specification. You could perhaps go to an independent suspension specialist and have them attempt to adjust the alignment to give you better tyre life. You could buy smaller wheels and higher profile tyres, which are likely to improve your tyre life.