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Volkswagen Polo 2016: Why is my car reversing when in drive?

My 2016 Volkswagen Polo will go into reverse when I engage in drive, and will then go into drive when I engage reverse. I have to drive with my foot over the brake pedal and the problem can happen at anytime. I've nearly taken out cars behind me and it's a clear safety issue, but Volkswagen says nothing is wrong and that it’s "my driving style", as "the car doesn't hold itself". This happens on flat ground, not just on an incline and is intermittent. Also my mother, sister, and brother have all had this bad experience and do not feel safe in the car. Volkswagen refuse to admit to the problem. On top of this the air-conditioning on one does not work on cold, and when on hot it makes a strange noise and electrical smell with no heat, again Volkswagen say that there is no problem. I have been reporting the problems since the car was bought new, and now they say it's out of warranty, so I will have to pay to fix the problems, if they do diagnose any issues. I believe there is a gearbox/transmission problem or software Issue and also the air-conditioning is faulty too. What should I do?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
20 September 2019

Clearly there are problems with your car that require attention. If you’re not getting satisfaction from your dealer, contact VW Australia (1800 607 822) and lodge your complaints with them. If you feel you want to go higher, contact your state’s consumer affairs people and ask for help.