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Underpriced saab

I recently came close to buying a Saab that had standard kilometres for a 2000-registered car. To get an idea how much this car was worth, I phoned another Saab dealer and asked what I could expect if I were to trade it in. I was told it was worth about $34,000 as a trade-in -- about $15,000 less than the price I would have been paying. Does this indicate their cars lack market trust?

When you're buying a car it's best to concentrate on the changeover figure rather than the price of the car you're buying and the trade-in value of the car you're selling. The dealer selling the Saab might have given you a generous trade-in price and is sticking to his selling price, whereas the second dealer you contacted might be quoting you a rock-bottom trade-in while being more prepared to deal on the selling price. The difference between trade and retail you quote does seem high, but that might be because you are talking to two different dealers. Generally, though, Saabs tend to be hit harder than some other brands when it comes to depreciation, and they can be harder for dealers to move.