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Toyota Prado 2016: How to fix problems?

I am planning a trip around Australia on my own in my 2016 Toyota Prado VX. I have zero mechanical knowledge, but I want to learn how and what to check in the engine etc. and how to assess if problems arise and how to temporarily fix simple things, e.g. belts, tubes, bolts etc. Any suggestions?

Start with the owners manual and familiarise yourself with things like finding and using the jack, changing a tyre, checking the engine oil and coolant in the radiator. I wouldn’t worry too much about making temporary repairs on the trip; there are plenty of mechanics that can help you if you strike trouble. There will also be plenty of other tourists who would be only too happy to help a fellow traveller in trouble. Have your car checked before you leave, so everything is in fine working order when you hit the trail. Make a note of the Toyota dealers along your planned route, and if you are going to remote areas make a note of where you will be able to get fuel, and the mechanics along the way who might be able to help you in an emergency.