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Skoda Yeti 2012: What to look out for?

I'm in the market for my first car and I have come across a 2012 Skoda Yeti base model. It’s perfect for me: spacious, well-equipped and surprisingly low kilometres (<60,000 km). What are the issues that I should be wary about, and how can I tell if the issues are present in the car, such as the DSG gearbox, brake wear and tear, cost of replacement parts and whatever may be applicable? I have heard of some newer models with around the same mileage having corroded brakes, as well as the gears failing to change, so should I be worried about it?

There’s no way to tell if the DSG gearbox will play up in the future, all you can do now is to test drive the car in as many driving situations as you can and look for anything that might suggest an underlying problem. If it drives ok I wouldn’t be concerned about it. Brakes do tend to wear out faster on European cars than cars from Asia, and parts are likely to be a little more expensive. It’s important to verify the low odometer reading, and it should have a record of regular servicing.