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Scenic trip

WE'RE on the verge of buying a 2002 Renault Scenic Privilege, but on our test drive we found the car noisy in fifth gear. The dealer promised to fix everything, including changing the gearbox and giving a three-year warranty and 24-hour road assistance. Should we proceed? Are there underlying problems? The price is $15,000 and it has done 111,000km.

HAVING done 111,000km in three years, the car has clearly been well used. The price is low, which reflects the higher mileage. If it has a noisy gearbox I'd consider walking away. The dealer seems keen to fix it, along with other problems, which makes me think he wants to unload it quickly. I'm guessing he reckons he's stuck with a lemon. It may be worth taking a risk, but offer him $12,000 and see if he's prepared to deal.