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Ongoing issues with 2000 Suzuki Jimny

My 2000 Suzuki Jimny was a beautiful car, until about three years ago when we smashed into a guardrail and sustained front-end damage. It was fixed, but never felt the same again. I took it back to the repairers, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. From that stage everything went wrong, it would stop and refuse to start again for a period of time. That was fixed with a new crank angle sensor, but four weeks later the head cracked for no apparent reason, and that cost us $2500 to repair. We approached the NRMA and were told they wouldn't pay for the repairs, but six weeks later it cracked another head, another $2500 and we're back on the road. About six months later the car was sluggish and it was found to have a blown head gasket. My concern is that these problems are a result of the crash. What do you think?

Because of the long time that has passed since the crash it will be very hard to connect the problems you are having to the prang. Crank angle sensors often fail on all makes and models, I wouldn't attribute that to the crash, and the head and head gasket problems you have had are unlikely to be related either. The second instance of head cracking and the head gasket failure are more likely to be the result of poor repairs to the head when it first cracked.