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Mazda 3: Screen locking up

My Mazda3 had a screen lockup problem. It was last year and we had to take it to the dealer to fix a software issue in the MZD Connect system. All went well until about a week ago when another small glitch occurred, so we took it back to Mazda who thought that they had fixed it. They have said that they will contact Mazda to see if they know what is happening and if maybe we need a new MZD altogether. The car still goes beautifully and we have no other issues but the dealer did not know whether Mazda was aware of the problem.

Mazda spokeswoman Karla Leach recommends that owners contact their dealer to ensure the latest free-of-charge update of the MZD Connect is fitted. "As mobile phones and their operating systems are continually evolving, thanks to the introduction of new models and updates, on occasion there may be connectivity issues," she says.