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Jeep Wrangler servicing problems

I bought a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in 2014.

It has been a nightmare almost from the start with numerous and various problems with the engine that have yet to be resolved by the dealer, or Jeep.

I had a small win via the Dept. Fair Trading late last year whereby Jeep negotiated to give me 12 months extended warranty. Prior to contacting the Dept. Fair Trading I tried unsuccessfully to contact Jeep's customer relations. I was told they would be back in touch within five working days, but I wasn't given a reference number, and I got no feedback.

Twice I was given this runaround, so I only bothered to speak to Fair Trading after that.

I feel I must wait for feedback from Jeep before I make a decision as to what to do next, but I feel they are waiting for me to die of old age/warranty to run out (18 months), and generally don't give a damn.

I would like a full refund, but failing that a replacement engine. I suspect Jeep wants to 'repair' it yet again, which I believe is going to be throwing good money after bad.

Beginning in February this year I have tried unsuccessfully to talk to the dealer, having left a number of messages to contact me.

I believe the number of problems I have had with my Jeep should make it a 'lemon'. Do these failures entitle me to a refund, replacement, or compensation? If Jeep decides to repair do I let them and continue to try for a refund/replacement, or do I tell them before they commence repairs that it is my intention to go for a refund?

I had a dream, chased it down, and it turns out a nightmare. The whole experience has been traumatic for my family.

It's you against city hall, I'm afraid.

It would seem that you had a good case for a refund or a replacement engine or vehicle, but that won't happen without a fight.

You have to reach a resolution with Jeep, it won't happen at dealer level.

You could try and reopen negotiations with Jeep directly and try to reach someone at a high level in the company rather than simply dealing with the customer assistance people who have little or no power to do anything. If you feel that isn't going to get you anywhere go back to the Dept. of Fair Trading and enlist their help.

It isn't going to be easy, you have to be persistent.