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Isuzu D-Max 2020: Updates

I am thinking of updating my present 2016 Isuzu D-Max 4x4 dual cab to the new 2020 model when it arrives, especially after watching your early reviews. But I wish to clarify some points.

Could you tell me if the diff lock will engage without being in 4x4 mode? And, when the diff lock is engaged will it disengage the traction control leaving the front diff open? And do you know if it will have a power outlet in the tub?

Car-makers tend to like to keep information like this a bit of a secret until the vehicle is officially launched, Michael. And since I can’t even find out when in the next 12 months the new D-Max is due to hit showrooms, it’s a bit tricky to answer your question. Word around the campfire, though, is that the new D-Max will indeed have an electronically locking rear differential, where previous models didn’t even have a limited-slip rear diff. So that’s good news.

Generally, you can’t engage a rear diff lock without engaging four-wheel-drive, but when it comes to what happens with traction-control at that point, the various manufacturers tend to go their own ways. Some will leave the traction-control active with the rear diff locked, others don’t. The former arrangement is generally regarded as the superior system for off-road traction, but it does potentially place more stress on the driveline. But which way Isuzu intends to jump in this regard is still anybody’s guess.