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Hyundai i30 2011: Why is my car stalling?

I have a 2011 Hyundai i30. I was stopped at the lights and all the lights on my dashboard came on. Then my car stalled (it's an auto). It took two attempts to get it started again. Then as I was driving it off the road, I noticed the speedo and rev-counter weren't moving. I pulled over and turned my car off. I left it for a minute then turned it back on and it seemed fine.

I had the RACV come out but no fault was found. Then it happened again next time I drove it. It took two weeks to get into the dealer who had it for eight days but nothing happened for them. I got it back today. Same issue three times driving home. And now the car shudders and makes an odd sound.

I don't know what to do next. They want it back to look again. I'm terrified to drive it so getting it towed back. Do you have any suggestions?

This sounds awfully like a sensor problem of some sort. Electronic sensors really do control every aspect of a modern car, from the engine to the dashboard and everything in between. So, it’s conceivable that your problem is the fault of a single sensor that is throwing multiple things out of kilter and causing the problems.

But why the engine and dashboard at the same time? Because a car’s computer will often take its cues from a variety of sources. Without a properly functioning dashboard (and the information on road-speed the speedometer supplies to the computer) some engines won’t even run at all. The rough running and hard starting could be another symptom of this.

But don’t rule out something simple like a battery or charging system that is not pulling its weight. Low battery voltage can do strange and random things to a modern, electronically-controlled car.