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How to remove Mazda 3 grill?

How to remove Mazda 3 grill?

The grille is integrated to the bumper bar on Mazda's volume-selling small car, but is still fairly easy to remove. Open the bonnet (hood) and remove the plastic trim piece behind the front bumper, in front of the radiator and intake. You will have to remove two fasteners holding the edge of the air intake down, along with pop-up clips across the panel. Remove the 10 bolts holding the splash guards to the bumper under the front edge of the car. There are 3 on the left, 3 on the right, and 4 across the front, then you can pop out the lip of the centre panel which rests on the inner edge of the bumper as there are 2 more fasteners hidden behind that lip. Pop out the fasteners holding each side of the front of the inner guards to the bumper, and then remove the 8mm bolt hidden behind the inner guards holding the bumper to the metal front guard panel on both sides. Pop the bumper out of its clips by levering the edges of the bumper out first, then tugging on the grille to pull the bumper out. Disconnect turn signals and driving lights and the bumper is ready to come out. The grille can then be unscrewed from the bumper shell.