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Holden Commodore 2006: Resale value

I’m trying to sell a 2006 Holden Commodore. It was very well maintained, but when my wife became ill it was parked on the tarmac at the airport and it now has extensive sun damage to the paint. The clear coat has gone dull and on the rear spoiler is peeling off. I have recently just had the plugs, coil packs, and the hubs and brakes changed, and put a new battery in so the car is in good mechanical condition. The kilometres are 260,000; it doesn't miss a beat, but doesn't look good. The mechanic who does all the works says I should ask for $3500, but others are saying $1500. Any chance you could give me an idea of what's reasonable?

It depends on the specific model, but the private price guide for a 2006 VE Omega is $1500-$3400. Because of the paint problem yours would fall towards the lower end of that scale.