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Dominic & Maria Galligan ASKED THE GUIDE

Chery J1 aircon

The air-conditioning in the Chery J1 we bought in 2011 has never worked for more than a month. It took the dealer months to detect a hole in a pipe, which was replaced but did not fix the problem. Now, we have been told that the compressor needed replacing and that the part that was supplied was the wrong part, and we have been waiting very patiently for another part to arrive. Is eight weeks a reasonable time to wait for a part from China? Should this fault have been fixed long ago? I suspect it's not the car yard's fault, but it's the manufacturer's fault. We bought a new car expecting to get trouble free motoring, but all we've got so far is troubles that don't seem to be able to fixed. Chery Australia's answer to the problem is do nothing and the problem will go away.

It is unacceptable to have to wait eight weeks for a new part for sure. That you are getting no joy out of the dealer or the company is even worse. Go back to the dealer and demand a meeting with them and the Chery people with the aim of coming to a satisfactory resolution.