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A price on my commodore

MY 1992 VP Commodore SS still runs well, has been serviced regularly, and has done 126,000km. I have replaced the radiator thermostat, and after having tyres replaced, had work done on the power steering because of a shudder when I turned the wheel sharply. This seems to have fixed the problem. I am happy to keep driving the Commodore and am not sure what I would replace it with, because I would probably not buy a V8 again. I have been told it would be a ``collector's item''. Could you say what you think the car would be worth now, or whether I should just keep driving it while I am enjoying it.

BEING a sport model, the SS is sought after, particularly if in good condition. An average SS would now have well over 200,000km on the odometer and would be valued at $10,000 to $12,000. Yours has relatively low mileage, and if in good condition could be worth $15,000 if sold privately. Trading it in on a new car, you would get about $8000. You say you like driving it, so why sell it?