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2009 Audi A5
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2009 Audi A5 Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Audi A5 2009 prices range from $12,990 for the basic trim level Coupe A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro to $19,995 for the top of the range Convertible A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro.

The Audi A5 2009 comes in Convertible and Coupe.

The Audi A5 2009 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol and Diesel.

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Audi A5 Models SPECS PRICE
2.0 TFSI Quattro 2.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $14,400 – 20,240
3.0 TDI Quattro 3.0LDiesel7 speed automatic $19,400 – 27,060
3.2 FSI Quattro 3.2LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $17,500 – 24,420


Audi A5 Models SPECS PRICE
2.0 TFSI Quattro 2.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $11,200 – 16,500
2.0 TFSI Quattro 2.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed manual $11,800 – 17,270
3.0 TDI Quattro 3.0LDiesel6 speed $14,000 – 19,800
3.2 FSI 3.2LPremium Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $14,500 – 20,460
3.2 FSI Quattro 3.2LPremium Unleaded Petrol6 speed $14,700 – 20,790
3.2 FSI S-Line 3.2LPremium Unleaded PetrolCVT auto $21,500 – 29,150

Audi A5 2009 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Audi A5 2009 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • 2009 Audi A5 excess oil usage

    If you car is like Gay's you probably have a case. No surprise that when I approached Audi Australia the company agreed to conduct and cover all costs for an oil consumption test. If the excessive oil consumption is in fact caused by a manufacturer fault, Audi will cover parts and labour cost.


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  • Seized engine repairs for A5

    Engines don't just seize for no reason, so find out what caused it to seize. Did it run out of oil? Perhaps overheated? VW/Audi engines are known to use some oil, some more than others, which makes it important to check the oil level in the engine regularly and keep it topped up if needed. If it needs a new engine, than that's what you have to do.

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  • Why is my A5 using so much oil and what can I do about it?

    I don't think there's much that can be done, apart from paying up and having the test done. The car is a 2009 model and I doubt that you would get any joy out of Audi regarding the cost of the test. VWs and Audis are renowned for using some oil, and that's one of the risks of buying a used one. What you need to know is how much oil it is using, and if that is a problem.

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