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In the grand hierarchy of off-road adventures, few reach a pinnacle quite...Read more
Subaru is synonymous with bringing effective – and popular – all-wheel drive wagons to market. And its Forester has done pretty well in the past as a comfortable and capable dirt-road tourer, more than appropriately equipped to tackle low-intensity off-roading. But has the company now tipped too...Read more
The Toyota LandCruiser is a deadset off-roading legend, its reputation built on a lifetime of reliability, toughness, capability, not to mention the availability of Toyota parts Australia-wide. The 200 Series has been around for more than a decade and, until the 300 Series arrives here in about two...Read more
The Jeep Wrangler is a very capable 4WD with real bush credibility, there's no disputing that, but just how much does something like the line-up's mid-range variant, the 2019 Overland, rest on the laurels of the brand's 'Trail Rated' heritage? It's not a very practical daily driver and it has less...Read more
Automotive journalists are normal people, just like you. (But maybe not like that weird bloke sitting across from you on the train, right now. Don't look at him!) We car journos laugh, we cry and we're also prone to becoming caught up in nostalgia-fuelled fever dreams when the likes of something...Read more
To many a mainlander, Tasmania is still a mystery. Maybe you’ve been to...Read more
Small or compact four-door SUVs have found favour with those who might usually climb into a hatch but, for whatever reasons, are now looking to a vehicle with the ability, actual or otherwise, of being sporty and even a little bit outdoorsy. The reality is most of these vehicles will spend their...Read more
The V6 X-Class is big, bold and bloody expensive – and it has segment-topping safety tech– but its price-tag swiftly climbs above more than $80,000 when you start adding one of the many optional extras and is it really worth that much beyond the cache of the badge? Really? Sure, the bigger engine...Read more
The idea of a Tesla that can tow sounds about as likely as a supermodel with an astrophysics degree, who also enters the wood-chopping competition at the Easter Show. The EV brand has blazed a trail for every other mainstream and premium car manufacturer to jump on the electric bandwagon , and...Read more
Compact SUVs are marketed as fresh, fun and capable of a few cheeky off-the-bitumen adventures – but are they really able to get you to your campsite? Especially the 2WD variants? Hyundai's Kona is at the forefront of a continuing wave of compact SUVs . We took a 2WD top-spec Highlander out bush to...Read more
The term SUV (sports utility vehicle) is a vague catch-all bunch of words. It has US origins and we Aussies now use it to describe any car marketed as an adventure-type go-anywhere vehicle. The problem is not all vehicles advertised as SUVs are capable of going much further than the wet-grass...Read more
Let me fess up to you straight away: I don't do a lot of towing. And when I say I don't do a lot, I mean I don't do it at all. Like a trip to the dentist and audience participation in theatre restaurants, I've somehow successfully avoided it for my entire 44 years on the planet. Until now. It's all...Read more
The small SUV segment of the Australian car market is chock-a-block with vehicles – and Mazda has carved out its own niche in the crossover SUV realm with its popular CX-3 range. The Akari Luxury Edition (LE) is the line-up’s top-shelf model. It’s front-wheel drive, perky, a tad squeezy inside and...Read more
When you live in the heart of Australia’s largest city, it can be easy to...Read more
Of the Aussie market’s quiet-achieving utes, in terms of sales, there are several, but few of those are as value- or feature-packed as the Mitsubishi Triton. Never truly spectacular in the past but always rather steadfast and reliable, the Triton has now had a substantial ‘reimagining’ with...Read more
The Land Cruiser Troop Carrier has been around for donkey's years - it's part of Toyota's legendary 70 Series range – but it was last refreshed in 2016 as part of the line-up's rejuvenation at the time. Its 4WDing heritage is undeniable and this tourer's status as a solid bush-tourer is further...Read more
The new-generation Suzuki Jimny has been 20 years in the making and it’s finally here. (Cue much rejoicing from Zook fanatics.) It has big expectations to meet in that it needs to retain the off-road capability and undeniable fun factor of previous versions, but somehow at the same time embrace the...Read more
Big life choices. They’re a large part of what separates one person from another, and usually also what separates people from their money. Say you had a cool $47,000 on hand, for example. One person might spend that money on a 2019 Golf GTi. Another, significantly different person, might spend it...Read more
After a two-year absence from our shores, SsangYong has re-launched in the Australian market with a four-model line-up, sharp drive-away pricing, a seven-year warranty on everything and a no-nonsense commitment to offer next-level customer service. The company’s flagship large SUV , the Rexton , is...Read more