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Like any successful product, the Ford Everest has its fans and its haters. And the introduction of the 2.0-litre twin-turbo option to the range appeared to enrage those who take against smaller-capacity engines, a lot of them on principle only. Well, we want to see if any of that engine-bashing...Read more
The Landcruiser 80 Series was released in 1990, to claims that it would be the benchmark 4WD of the 1990s. Certainly, fit and finish was superb and the coil-sprung, full-time-4WD 80 Series at last caught up with Rover and overtook Nissan’s coil-sprung Patrol, but the first 80 Series was a Richard...Read more
Once upon a time Queensland was the home of Aussie camper-trailer manufacturing and companies, such as Lifestyle Camper Trailers, were pumping out camper after camper to happy customers. But then came the imports and the price that people were willing to pay for the product dropped very quickly...Read more
Over the past 12 months, some of the most significant names in camper-trailers have fallen victim to their own success. Ultimate Campers, one of the most interesting and (previously) desirable camping products was placed in voluntary administration and bailed out, while Kimberley Kampers, always...Read more
Avan, the company, is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of caravans and campers and the distinctly shaped Avan, the camper-trailer, is an iconic design that’s been in Australia nearly three decades. Given that longevity, we wanted to see if there is merit in such a bizarrely shaped van, and...Read more
For off-road adventurers, having the flexibility to be able to tow your camper-trailer off the beaten track, out bush and along a beach, opens up a whole new realm of fun and possibility – and that's why Jayco's Outback versions of the company's mainstream camper range have a growing legion of fans...Read more
In light of the large volume of dirt-road-friendly camper-trailers being seen on bush tracks of late you’d be safe in assuming that they are the flavor of the month. Sure, lots of people buy into the idea of the off-road - camping lifestyle and may get a surprise when faced with the reality of it,...Read more
Winding-roof camper-trailers are the back-bone of Jayco's line-up. The company was founded on these products in 1976, and for many people, one of these was their first Jayco and their introduction to caravanning. The Eagle is one of Jayco’s classic floorplans with room for a family of six. Is it...Read more
My father used to tell us that family road trips were rite of passage,...Read more
The Margaret River region is known for fine wine and dining, a great...Read more
In a camper-trailer market seemingly in danger of being swamped by cheap products of dubious build quality, it is refreshing to see a local mob, Australia’s Cub Campers, persisting with well-built and highly functional camper-trailers packed with standard features and with plenty of optional extras...Read more
People with camper-trailers are increasingly looking to push their travel boundaries and so they head off the bitumen, onto dirt roads and go bush. But on-road camper-trailers are not suited to cope with the extra stresses that dirt-road or gravel-track driving bring, which is why campers better...Read more
The camping world is so mad for forward-fold campers that it often forgets that, for a long time, the rear-fold, hard-floor camper were considered the 'In' thing. That rings true for Sydney-based camper-trailer firm, Blue Tongue Campers, whose three hallmark campers are based on the forward-folding...Read more
A large part of the camper-trailer lifestyle is comfort and convenience. Jayco, a brand long associated with caravanning and camper-trailer adventure in Australia, has built a reputation as a company which has pretty much nailed down that formula through its seemingly never-ending model line-up for...Read more
The Ford Everest is one of the better examples of a ute-based 4WD wagon. It has consistently done a good job of satisfying driver desires for a family-friendly SUV with car-like ride and handling, while also being a very effective off-roader. The addition of a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine to...Read more
It might look like a ute that has been done up by one of those tradies whose mates have all got beefed up utes, right? This is the new Nissan Navara Black edition , and – you guessed it – it’s got a lot of black bits. Unlike the ST-X Black Edition that came before it, this one is based on the more...Read more
It seems to come with the territory, that forward-fold campers are heavier than they need to be – and there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, most are made in China and, to prevent any possible durability issues, they are made with thicker sections of steel. Secondly, it’s cheaper to build...Read more
Cub Campers is Australia’s oldest camper-trailer manufacturer and one of the oldest businesses in the caravan and camping industry, having just celebrated 50 years of operation in 2018. The company can lay claim to inventing the soft-floor camper trailer, pioneering the rear-fold and championing...Read more
The days of very short caravans are over – almost no one would consider buying even a 14-foot caravan in today's age – but despite that, Jayco's simplest camper-trailer almost mimics the layout of a regular-sized vintage caravan. At just 14-foot long, the Penguin encloses its bed, dinette and...Read more