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Latest Honda CR-Z Reviews

Honda CR-Z 2013 Review

Until the launch of the all-new Honda CR-Z, which the Japanese company has...Read more

Honda CR-Z Luxury 2013 Review

The CR-Z is Honda's answer to an Eco sporty car, trouble is it wouldn...Read more

Honda CR-Z Sport 2012 Review

We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars...Read more

Honda CR-Z hybrid 2012 review

Hybrids have come a long way in a short time. Take Honda's petrol-...Read more

Honda CR-Z Sport vs Toyota Camry

Honda CR-Z Sport and Toyota Camry go head-to-head in this comparative...Read more

Honda CR-Z CVT 2012 review

Petrol/electric hybrid cars have been on Australian roads since March 2001...Read more

New Honda CR-Z 2011 Review

...a sexy coupe described as `a fusion of sport and ecology.' Clearly...Read more

Honda CR-Z hybrid 2011 review

A sporty hybrid is still an oxymoron, despite Honda's best efforts...Read more

Honda CR-Z 2011 Review

Hybrid motoring just got sexy with the Honda CR-Z. And it also added a...Read more

Honda CR-Z 2011 review

An unlikely sports hybrid coupe is about to inject some passion back into...Read more

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