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Renault Kangoo 2004 Review

But if you drive the Kangoo, the extra dosh will become less important.

Kangoo is a good thing.


  • Performance belies 1.6-litre engine capacity. Has heaps of go, great torque and impressive fuel economy. Engine is 70kW unit lifted from Renault Clio.
  • Ride quality is good unladen, better with a load on board. Kangoo will carry up to 560kg with minimal fuss and negligible impact on fuel economy.
  • Only compact van available with optional four speed automatic transmission but five speed manual is a treat to use.
  • Small exterior hides large load bay – it's big back there and has two side sliders (only one is standard) and rear opening doors. Access all areas.
  • Plenty of safety equipment including ABS with EBD, pretensioning seat belts and a driver's air bag. There's even a protection bar behind the driver's seat.
  • Standard equipment includes power steering, CD, aircon, remote central locking and electric mirrors and windows.
  • Handy floor anchorage points for loads.
  • Tight turning circle, direct steering.
  • Major service intervals are 30,000km apart.
  • Will return up to 7.5l/100km in mixed driving. Tank holds 50 litres.
  • Easy to park because of compact dimensions.
  • Looks good in a funny sort of way – more personality than Combo or Berlingo.
  • Body feels tight as a drum but plenty of engine and road noise bounces around inside cabin.
  • Passenger area is light and airy, easy to use controls. Plastics look tacky.
  • Access into the cabin is helped by large doors, high mounted, comfy seats.
  • Only weighs a bit over 1 tonne.
  • Had strong headlights and a decent horn.

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Integral 1.6L, ULP, 5 SP MAN $2,640 – 4,070 2004 Renault Kangoo 2004 Integral Pricing and Specs
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