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New Jeep Cherokee for $10,000

There's no clue yet about where the mystery pop-up Jeep dealership is located.

Jeep launches campaign to put 10 buyers into new Cherokee at stunning discount.

Fancy being able to tell your friends you 'Bought a Jeep' for just $10,000 drive-away? Ten Australians will be able to do that with a campaign that will put a $39,000 Cherokee Longitude in their driveway with onroad costs of around $5000 also covered.

The campaign centres on a virtual 'remote dealership' and will run on an Apple and Android smartphone app, which you have to download and register on by July 10. Registering gives you a countdown on the app, and when it reaches zero, the location and phone number of 'The World' Most Remote Jeep Dealership' - and its distance from you -- will be revealed.

The first 10 people who call the dealership, commit to buying and can be there on Saturday July 26 will get the 10 Jeep Cherokees. If you whack down your money, but don't make it to the venue on the day, you'll be fully refunded.

There's no clue yet about where the mystery pop-up dealership is located, but the red dirt of the images suggest it's in the Simpson, Great Sandy or one of the other deserts that together cover more than a million square kilometres in Australia's heart and western coast.

That's probably the perfect setting for a Jeep, which is still the byword for offroading. "The all-new Jeep Cherokee is at home in the city but, unlike some of its rivals, it's equally at home somewhere far remote – which is where we're opening a dealership for a day," Fiat Chrysler Australia's senior advertising manager Ashlin Moore says.

The group's president and CEO Veronica Johns believes the campaign is unique and the first of its kind in any country. "The World's Most Remote Dealership brings the Jeep ‘Don't Hold Back' attitude to life with a unique offer," Johns says. "We believe this is a ‘World-First' and a campaign only Jeep could pull-off."

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