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Which vehicle is suitable for towing a caravan

We are considering buying a caravan and would like your advice on a suitable diesel or petrol-powered vehicle that has a towing capacity up of to 2 tonnes. We have a budget of about $30,000. I want something that will tow with ease, but must be economical. I understand that it will have to be a second-hand vehicle and will consider any model?

Before buying the tow vehicle you should establish what you want to tow with it. It would be a good idea to decide on the caravan you want to buy and from that determine the total weight you want the car to handle, that is the weight of the caravan when it is fully loaded ready to travel. I say that because a car rated to tow 2 tonnes means you will only be able to tow a relatively small caravan. A diesel will be more economical when towing, and if that were your priority then I would go that way. I would suggest you consider a mid-sized SUV, like a Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Territory or a Toyota Kluger.