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What's the towing capacity of a Mercedes GLC with a 100kg ball down load?

You show the Mercedes GLC having a braked towing limit of 2000 kg, but they have put a maximum tow ball down load of 100 kg on it, which renders the towing capacity useless, as there aren’t any vans that are less than 100 kg. Mercedes won’t explain or advise why the limit is at five per cent of the towing capacity instead of 10 per cent like most manufacturers. Are you able to shed any light on why they have set the ridiculous limit, which barely allows you to tow a 6x4 with a load of dirt.

All Mercedes vehicles are tested in Europe and issued Type Approval certificates for each regulation. The relevant Type Approval certificate for GLC states that the maximum download is 100 kg.  The masses and capacities in this certificate are used for the Australian certification to GCM, towing capacity, dimensions, etc. Without local testing facilities or engineering department, the company must use the European figures, and cannot rerate vehicles locally.