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What to look for when buying a '02/03 Nissan X-Trail?

I'm looking at buying a second hand 2002/03 Nissan X-Trail. What years and models are best with appropriate km and approx. prices? Also, what should look for when buying one, as in noticeable faults?

You’re looking at the T30 X-Trail, which was a sound model, but it’s now an old car and needs to be assessed as that. On average a 2002/2003 model will have done 200,000 to 300,000 km, so you should expect it to showing some wear and tear. The body should be free of bumps and scrapes, the interior should be clean with no tears in the trim, the engine should be clean and with no oil leaks, and there should be no indications of off-road use. It should have a record of regular service. Expect to pay $2000-$5000.