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Volkswagen Polo GTi DSG issues

Asked by Tim Hill

I purchased a new VW Polo GTi 1.8T DSG in May. It ran great for the first six weeks, but recently it has developed a thunk/thump noise when shifting from second into third while using the paddle shifters or in semi-automatic mode. This noise does not happen in 'D' or 'S' or in any other gear. I took the car to the dealership and took a senior mechanic for a drive, who on hearing it agreed that it was a problem and that I should return to the dealership. On returning the car to the dealership, the mechanic and service advisor had a discussion between them and I overheard something mentioned such as "do the normal reset and software checks then probably a disk pack/plate". The car has been back to the dealership to see if they find the fault. The latest update is that VW has advised the dealership to replace the complete gearbox, and new one is being shipped out from Germany. I would consider this to be a major failure of the car considering it's only six weeks old and has done only 1700 km. I am really annoyed, the car is only six weeks old and had only done 1700 km, and already it has a major fault. Do I have any rights in regards to getting a completely new vehicle?

Answered by CarsGuide

10 Jul 2015 Graham Smith

Our consumer protection laws do have provisions for getting your money back or getting a replacement car, but it's not easy and you're likely to be drawn into a long and protracted process to make it happen. At the moment I would go along with VW's plan to replace the gearbox and go from there. Keep good records of what has happened to date, conversations you've had with the dealer and dealer staff, and VW, and maintain the record going forward so you have all the facts if it does prove to be an on-going issue.

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