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Velostar clutch wearing out quickly?

Is it normal for a car that is 22 months old with 36,000km on the clock to have the clutch assembly replaced? At a recent routine service by a Hyundai dealer it was found that the clutch pedal on my 2013 Hyundai Veloster was sticking down on the floor. They found that this was being caused by faulty clutch master cylinder. Following this the car had to go back to the same dealership to fix an oil leak from the gearbox. As they had to remove the gearbox to fix the leak they found that the clutch was 75 percent worn out and will need replacement soon. Of course Hyundai reckons that the faulty clutch master cylinder had nothing to do with the issue and has refused to have it repaired under warranty. Hope you can help me.

Problems with clutches are cropping up on a regular basis these days, certainly more than they did a few years ago. It's hard to say how long a clutch should last today, in the past I would have said that 36,000km is too low, but it's now not unusual to hear of clutches needing replacement at relatively low kays. As yours is still not worn out it might not actually need replacing until 50,000km or more and that would be within the acceptable range. The only way to determine if the wear is abnormal is to inspect it.