Cliff Berenger ASKED THE GUIDE

Tribeca transmission issues

My daughter and son-in-law purchased a new Subaru Tribeca in 2009. In January 2010 they told the dealer that it was slipping at 60-80 km/h. The dealer confirmed the slipping and updated the Transmission Control Module and reported the problem was solved, but it has resurfaced. Unfortunately, my daughter and son-in-law did not take the matter any further until they realized that the warranty has just expired and Subaru now confirms that the problem is the torque converter and has offered to replace it with a modified torque converter as a goodwill gesture, but will not cover the cost of labour. I believe Subaru should cover all repairs under warranty because it is the same problem that was reported in 2010. What is your opinion?

When Subaru updated the Transmission Control Module in 2010 it did what it thought was needed to fix the problem, but clearly they discovered later that the problem was with the torque converter. All of that suggests the company was being helpful in trying to fix the problem. Now they are offering you a new torque converter, leaving you to pay the cost of fitting it. That's a fairly standard deal with a car as old as your daughter and son-in-law's, and I would accept it.