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Subaru Forester 2009: Why are the warning lights flashing on the dash?

I found a few warning lights flashing on the dashboard in my 2009 Forester. The "Cruise" light is blinking and Malfunction-Indicator lamp illuminates steadily as well as the Vehicle Dynamics Control warning light. The car is otherwise driving fine, no unusual noise. Could you please advise me what to do?

It’s possible that something has thrown an error code curve-ball at the car, Luke. It’s quite possible that a re-set of the ECU (and you can try it at home by disconnecting the battery for half-an-hour or so and then reconnecting it) will switch the warning lights off and return things to normal.

The other alternative is to take the car to a Subaru dealership and have the car scanned to see what fault codes get thrown up. It doesn’t take a huge fault to bring on these symptoms and I’ve even heard of a car driven with a loose fuel cap causing an almost identical problem.