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Honda CR-V or Hyundai i30: Which should I buy?

I am unsure whether to buy a Hyundai i30 SR or a Honda CR-V VTi-S. I could squeeze for the extra $$ of the Honda but would be VERY disappointed if it didn't return the reported fuel economy. I think the Hyundai is the better car but it is smaller and I am nervous about it being too tight. The family has sat in it and driven in it and are happy but over time I am concerned they will regret not having the extra space of the Honda.

That's a fascinating pair of options April, but both are indeed very good cars. It's a struggle to match the official fuel consumption figures with any new car, but I've just spent three months living with the VTi-S and experienceced an 8.5L/100km average with largely urban and loaded driving, which was better than the Tiguan 2.0-litre, Escape 1.5 and CX-5 2.5 litre I've lived with previously. So you'll have to work hard to get worse than that figure. The extra space of the Honda is a big drawcard, but you'll have to judge that for yourself. My only real gripe with the VTi-S is the lack of active safety gear like AEB, which is set to be rectified with an updated version in future. The i30 SR comes with all the important safety gear standard.