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Maurice Ludeman - Wangaratta ASKED THE GUIDE

Metric switch

A READER asked about a metric conversion for an old Holden speedo. I have a 1967 VC Valiant. I bought it new and I tell my kids I'll be buried in it, but I would also like to have my speedo converted if possible.

IN THE 1970s you could buy a sticker and apply it to the instrument face or the gauge itself to convert it to read metric, but they haven't been produced since demand fell away in the mid-1970s. If the speedo in the Valiant has a flat face it can be reprinted with a metric scale, or it might be possible to correct the speedo without touching the face by installing a ratio box in the speedo cable. To find out what you can do with the Valiant, call Rodger Howard at Howard Instruments on 9457 4755.