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Mercedes-Benz GLC200 and GLC300: Are the Australian engines mild-hybrids?

I currently have a Mercedes-Benz GLC250d and have been looking at the 2020 range. All reviews I read suggested that the GLC200 and GLC300 would come with the 48V mild-hybrid engines. I have been told that this is not the case with cars for Australia and that they are not mild hybrid.

Were you aware of this and why has MBA not used the current-spec engines in the new models given that they have dropped the diesels? Maybe just because there will be a GLC300e PHEV?

You’ve hit the nail on the head Alan. The 48-volt mild-hybrids weren’t taken up by M-B Australia, purely because the plug-in hybrid GLC300e will have a bigger battery than before (for more range) and is a better fit with where the brand is going in this country. Watch out for the plug-in GLC in showrooms in the second quarter of this year.