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Kerri Stoddard ASKED THE GUIDE

Long term value of HSV GTO?

I am wondering what I should do with my 2002 HSV GTO, badged 84 and with 70,300 original kilometres. I have no idea if I should hang on to it or sell it. I drive it once a week a few kilometres to work just to turn the motor over. It is garaged in a secure undercover building. Would it gain value if I kept it or is it losing value the older it gets? I never see any for sale, so is it sought-after?

Glass's Guide analyst Rushad Parkar replies: "The values of these models have been improving and are now quite strong and likely to continue to improve in the short and long term. This relatively low-mileage vehicle would sell for about $35,000. The market for V8 performance cars is quite strong and, with the demise of local production, is likely to remain so. Original, unmodified vehicles are particularly sought after."