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LDV G10 2016: Blowing white smoke

I have had a 2016 LDV G10 for 2.5 years and it's blowing white smoke out the back. I'm paying premium warranty rates, but the dealers are saying it isn't under warranty due to an overdue service. At the time our sticker says to be serviced by August this year or 30,000 km, not specifying which one comes first. Can use help me out at all?

Service intervals are specified as either/or, it’s whichever comes first. Your service is due in August, or at 30,000 km if that comes first. White smoke would tend to suggest a problem with the turbocharger. Turbochargers have to have clean oil to survive; dirty oil will kill them eventually. You need to negotiate with LDV, if you haven’t missed the service by a long way you might be able to get some help on the cost of repairs; otherwise you’re unlikely to get much assistance.