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Kia Sportage 2012: Known transfer case problems

I’ve driven my 2012 MY13 Kia Sportage Platinum comfortably for the last six years without any major issues until it recently started making a thumping noise with acceleration at low speed. The Kia service centre performed a diagnostic check and have told me there is a problem in the transfer case and it will cost ~$4500 to fix. I’m very disappointed such a major issue could arise in a vehicle that is only six years old with 87,000 km on it and regularly serviced. Is this a known/common problem? Or with AWD vehicles in general? I have emailed Kia but am yet to receive a response.

It’s not a common problem, with the Sportage or AWD vehicles in general. Even though yours is well out of warranty it’s still covered by the consumer protection laws, so it’s worth asking Kia for at least part of the cost of repairs.