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Hyundai i30 2018: Can I ask for a replacement if my car is faulty?

I purchased a Hyundai i30 SR Premium brand new back in April 2018. So far it has had the fuel injectors and steering box replaced. The latest issue has been an error message appearing on my screen saying "steering wheel lock malfunction" which left the car unable to start or turn on the accessories. After a visit from RACV they advised me the car would have to be towed to the dealer. To add salt to the wound, the car was stuck in P and the shift lock release button was not working to get the car out of P. Hyundai have said that they will fix the issues as soon as possible, however I am at the point where I am no longer confident in the car and believe it is a complete lemon. The car has already had two mechanical components replaced in just over one year due to being faulty, not to mention other non-mechanical issues. Being that this is now the third mechanical fault I have had with the car, do I have any leg to stand on in asking for a replacement or refund?

This is always a tough one, because there is no law that requires a carmaker to replace a car or refund the cost of its purchase. It comes down to negotiation between you and Hyundai. Hyundai has told you they will fix your car, and providing they do that they will have lived up to their responsibility, but I understand your concerns. I would suggest you lodge a claim with Hyundai with all the supporting information you can assemble, and trust that they will come good with a goodwill gesture that satisfies you.