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Happy with MU-X

My wife and I bought an Isuzu MU-X earlier this year and, so far, cannot speak highly enough of it. We previously had a dual-fuel VE Commodore, so everything about the MU-X was different. Unloaded, it is a little unsettled in the rear end on very bumpy roads, but if you back off the speed a little it still gets along quite comfortably and cruises beautifully at 100km/h or 110km/h at about 1900rpm on good roads. We have just done a 3000km trip from Dubbo to Broken Hill, to Adelaide, The Great Ocean Road up to Bendigo and back to Dubbo and achieved 7.3L/100km. We have also towed a 1900kg caravan from the NSW Central Coast to Dubbo and achieved 9.3L/100km, only using cruise control on a short, flat section of freeway travelling at 90km/h. Around town we average 8.1L/100km, which is 4-5 litres better than the Commodore. Several motoring writers gave the MU-X a poor rating but my humble opinion is that it will surprise a lot of people.

So that's another vote for the Isuzu.