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Ford Territory 2011: Servicing problems

Our 2011 SZ Ford Territory, diesel, AWD, with 104,000 km died last week and now requires a new engine. The bolts on the cam on the R/H side of the engine cracked or came loose and destroyed the timing belt and front timing cover. According to Ford's service guidelines, the timing belt is not due for inspection or change until 165,000 km. The vehicle has been serviced every year, and it was not driven a lot because we're retired. A mechanic has told us that the bolts should definitely not have come loose and that it's probably a manufacturing defect. Ford has refused to compensate us. What is your advice/suggestions?

If you can establish without doubt that the bolts came loose as a result of a manufacturing fault you might have a claim against Ford for the repairs, but if it’s not clear what caused them to come loose you won't have much joy. You could consult the ACCC if you feel you want to pursue Ford for compensation.