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Gareth Johnston ASKED THE GUIDE

Faulty climate control in Caddy

I bought a second hand 2006 VW Caddy van in May from a big name dealer. As it was the middle of winter I did not think to check the climate control air-conditioning. Recently, with the spell of hot weather we had I turned on my air-conditioning to find it didn't work. I took it to a VW mechanic who diagnosed it as having a faulty compressor and condenser, which cost $2600 to repair. VW told me that this did not happen overnight and that I most likely bought the van like this. Basically, I bought a van with faulty air-conditioning. I did not get a warranty as it is a used van, but do I have any rights as a consumer in a case like this?

There would have been a statutory warranty that would have applied if you bought it from a licensed dealer, but it would have expired a couple of months ago. Added to that you don't know that it wasn't working when you bought it. You really don't have any comeback now.